First District Democrats Nominate Norm Mosher for Congress

Norm Mosher

Norm Mosher, Democratic Candidate for Congress, VA-01

At the First Congressional District Democratic Convention today, Democrats nominated Norm Mosher for Congress. Norm Mosher is a resident of Irvington, VA and previously served on the Town Council of Irvington.

“I’m running because I’m seeing how Congress is dysfunctional — it’s not working at all. Our families, our communities and our Commonwealth are paying the price. People need to be able to look forward to the future. This means economic security for all — good jobs, good roads and good schools,” said Mosher. “When folks look up at Congress and see all the partisan wrangling and dirt throwing they lose faith. Why should people have any trust in our government if it’s not accountable? I want to restore people’s faith in America and the American Dream. Our challenges can be our opportunities to do things in new ways, in better ways — but first we have to learn to work together again — and that’s why I am standing here today. Through my life I’ve gained experience, knowledge and know-how on leading teams to meet overwhelming challenges. I’ve answered my country’s call for service before, and I’m answering it now.”

The Fredericksburg Democratic Committee is excited to support Norm Mosher. Norm’s accomplishments are many — he is a decorated veteran of the United States Navy, a successful business entrepreneur, and a distinguished public servant with service as a professional staff member on the Senate Armed Services Committee and as an elected town councilman. Norm is the right person at the right time to return the 1st Congressional District to its people and wrest it from the grip of a party sworn to resist all efforts to responsibly govern.