90 for 90: A Quarter Million New Voters for Virginia

Fredericksburg Democratic Committee would proudly like to honor Dr. William F. “Fergie” Reid’s 90th birthday by joining his commitment to register 90 voters in each precinct in Fredericksburg.  Dr. Reid was the first African American delegate in the Virginia General Assembly. He is still active as a mentor to many candidates. If all candidates and volunteers registered 90 voters in each precinct in the Commonwealth, the result would be a quarter million new voters. This is especially critical for the Democratic Party here in Fredericksburg since we have a great chance to defeat Speaker Howell in the 28th with our candidate Kandy Hilliard.

During our next meeting, (Meeting Times) we will be discussing our plans on how we can best accomplish this goal of registering 90 voters in each precinct in Fredericksburg. We look forward to seeing you there and being an active volunteer in this great purpose.

Unassembled Caucus Cancelled – Kandy Hilliard Democratic Candidate for the 28th

The 28th House of Delegates District Democratic Nominating Committee has cancelled the Unassembled Caucus scheduled for April 26, 2015. Former Stafford Supervisor Kandy Hilliard was the only candidate to file and she will become the Democratic Candidate for the 28th House of Delegates District. She is past chair of the Executive Committee of the Friends of the Rappahannock and is currently Assistant Director of The Childcare Network