Gallaway focused on education in state senate bid

The Star Exponent had a great article today about Ned Gallaway, our current candidate for Virginia’s 17th Senate district. (Ned Gallaway for State Senate) He clearly points out how he will put education first and the lack of direction in Bryce Reeve’s legislative record. Share this article with your friends and let’s all go out and vote for Ned.
Article: Gallaway focused on education in state senate bid

“Everyone talks a good game, but what do their actions say? Well, the state has been underfunding education the past eight years and that needs to stop. That’s real world, that’s a school board member who sees if we had our funding I could be attacking our strategic plan, I could pay teachers what they deserve and work on programs statewide that could help the economy.”

This is what we need here in Fredericksburg.

Ned Gallaway: Weekend of Action (July 25th and July 26th)

The election is right around the corner! To commemorate 100 days to the general election, the Gallaway campaign will be holding a massive canvassing campaign right here in Fredericksburg. This is a wonderful opportunity to get the word out to your fellow neighbors about our awesome candidate. Ned has the knowledge and experience to offer a vastly superior alternative to Bryce Reeves.

You can sign up here: Volunteer

Also, you can donate here: Donate

More information about locations and shifts in the flyer below:
Weekend of Action Flyer (1)