2016-2017 Reorganization

When: January 13, 2016, 7 PM

Where: Central Rappahannock Regional Library (1201 Caroline St.), Annex Meeting Room 2

Every two years, per the Party Plan, local committees are required to reorganize and elect its leaders for the upcoming cycle. Per the bylaws, the following positions comprise the executive board and are up for election:

Chair – Responsible for setting the vision and goals of the committee. Coordinates with all board members on upcoming events and manages other committee teams (Precinct Operations, Fundraising, etc.) as needed.

Vice Chair – Supports the Chair in all aspects of the organization and serves as temporary Chair in the Chair’s absence.

Secretary – Records minutes of all meetings and provides reports on past activities as requested.

Treasurer – Maintains financial records for the committee and provides the committee with periodic updates.

This particular cycle will be a particularly exciting one with both a Presidential election in 2016 and a Gubernatorial race in 2017. Both races will focus attention on Fredericksburg and the leaders will be the first one the campaigns look to for guidance. That guidance comes with the reward of face time, photo opportunities and the chance to have a large impact on how these races play out.

We will also be discussing other leadership roles, such as Social Media Director and Precinct Operations Director. These positions are crucial to our efforts and provide yet another opportunity to make a difference in Virginia politics.

To be considered for membership, you’ll need to submit this form and pay the $20 annual dues (the link to pay is also provided in the membership form). To learn more about the roles you can play outside of the board, check out our Get Involved page. This meeting is one of the most important of the year and we hope to see you there!