General Meeting in May New Date & Location!

Alert:  May meeting is on a different DAY and WEEK of the month!

There are a couple of IMPORTANT pieces of information in this post.

First, we are changing our meeting this month.  It will be MONDAY, May 16, at J Brian’s Tap Room, starting at 6:30 PM for meet and greet, and then a couple of speakers starting at 7:00 PM.  (more about that farther down in the post).

More importantly we are starting to ramp up for the oncoming National Election Cycle.

Second, now that we are into May of this very important Election year it is important that we get more of our members attending our meetings.  We are hoping that by changing the date it will be more convenient for you to come talk and plan with us.  We have well over 200 members on our membership, but get well under 25 people attending our meetings.  If we want to help Virginia stay Blue in November we need to start planning now, and we need your help.  In addition our State candidates need our help.

Third, we have 3 speakers for this night.  Our first speaker will be Matt Rowe who is our New Congressional Candidate.  Jason and I think he has real potential.  But you need to hear him and decide if you think so too.  Second is Lille Catlin.  She is from the Democratic Party of Virginia or DPVA and will be introducing herself and working in town for the duration of the election cycle.  Third is Mary Bassis who will talk briefly about the 2 other groups in Fredericksburg  with which we will be coordinating campaign efforts after the Democratic Convention is over, or the Democratic Presidential Candidate has been declared.  We have all become clear that we want to maximize our energies, and minimize our overlap.

See you Monday, May 16th at 6:30 PM

J Brian’s Tap Room

Locally owned Irish Pub and Restaurant

​Fredericksburg, Virginia  22401

200 Hanover Street, Downtown