Rules for 2018-2019 Reorganization Caucus

  1. The doors of the caucus room will open and the certification process will begin at 7:00 pm on January 10, 2018. An official clock will be identified by the Temporary Chair of the Caucus. This clock will be used for all timekeeping.
  2. The doors to the caucus meeting room will be closed promptly at 7:30 pm. A five minute warning will be issued by the Temporary Chair at 7:25 pm. Persons standing in line to complete a certification form at the time the doors close will be allowed to complete their forms and participate in the caucus.
  3. The Temporary Credentials Committee will be responsible for checking in caucus participants by confirming that they are registered to vote in the district. Every person who participates in the caucus must complete a certification from and sign a statement that says they are a registered voter of the District, a Democrat, and that they do not intend to support a candidate opposed to the Democratic nominee in the next ensuing election.
  4. The caucus will be called to order by the temporary chair. The District chair or his/her designee shall act as the temporary chair.
  5. The first order of business shall be the election of a permanent chair.
  6. The permanent chair shall appoint the permanent caucus secretary.
  7. The chair shall call upon the Temporary Credentials Committee for a report of the number of credentialed participants in the caucus.
  8. The chair shall thereupon offer a report on Temporary Rules. Upon a motion for adoption, the Temporary Rules may be amended from the floor (but must comply with the Call to Convention), put to a vote, and adopted.
  9. Immediately prior to the distribution of ballots, the permanent chair shall ask if there are any slates to be recognized. Only those slates properly prefiled as a slate of delegates on or before the deadline will be recognized as such. First name, middle initial, and last name of each of those properly prefiled shall be listed on the caucus ballot in alphabetical order. They must also be numbered. A slate may be presented on the ballot and designates as “Slate A,” “Slate B,” etc. It is prohibited to give any preferential treatment to any slate and none will be listed as the “official slate.” Each slate will be announced and the names of the members of each slate read by the chair.
  10. Ballots will be distributed only to those persons who have submitted a registration form per the Call to Caucus.
  11. Caucus participants will be instructed by the chair as to the maximum number of delegate and/or alternate candidates for whom they may vote. Those wishing to vote for a slate may mark only the slate in the appropriate space provided. Ballots showing votes of more delegates than is allowed will be declared invalid. If a slate is offered which does not contain the maximum number of delegates, a participant may vote for the slate simply by marking in the appropriated space and then mark the names of the other candidates listed in alphabetical order so long as the maximum number is not violated. Slates may also include alternates.
  12. Caucus participants may vote for individual delegate candidates by placing an “X” beside the appropriate name. They may vote for a slate by placing an “X” on the slate space provided on the ballot.
  13. Alternates elected shall be those persons receiving the next highest number of votes from the delegates, unless they have prefiled on a slate to be an alternate.  
  14. A tellers committee, representative of the assembly, shall be appointed by the chair to collect and count the ballots. Each candidate is entitled to have one representative who will observe the tellers committee count the ballots.
  15. Upon collection of the ballots, the caucus meeting shall stand in recess until the tellers committee has reported its count to the chair. The tellers committee shall report directly to the chair who will announce the vote. The number of ballots may not exceed the number of credentialed participants as reported by the Credentials Committee.
  16. Upon the announcement of the results and the collection of all documentation, the caucus will adjourn.
  17. The official ballot will be marked with the word “official” at the top. The names of all delegate candidates will be listed in alphabetical order and numbered. Space will be provided at the bottom portion of the ballot for any pre-filed slate of delegates and alternates.
  18. Tie votes will be decided by the flip of a coin.